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Did you know that losing weight can improve the state of venous insufficiency? But can it cure it? Today we will discuss the relationship between weight loss and chronic venous insufficiency treatment. You may be surprised at what weight loss can accomplish.

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment to help relieve venous insufficiency, you may be interested in knowing how this disease progresses and what personal measures to take to avoid major complications. In fact, prevention is one of the best ways to deal with this condition.

Currently, a wide variety of treatments can help you in each of the stages of venous disease to reduce symptoms and even disappear completely. These treatments for chronic venous insufficiency can range from the use of specialized garments, including wearing compression stockings, physiological therapies with high-tech management, or minimally invasive surgery such as radiofrequency ablation. Even so, losing weight can also offer you great results.


How does being overweight affect your veins?

Being overweight is a common problem that affects a large number of people at any age, as multiple factors can cause it, from daily habits, illnesses, and even as a side effect of pregnancy itself. Be that as it may, weight gain represents a significant risk factor for varicose veins.

Having extra weight or a high BMI increases the tension in various body parts, especially in the leg veins, which makes blood flow difficult. That happens because the small valves responsible for sending blood to the heart lose strength due to gravity and the tension created. Thus, the venous wall begins to weaken, swell, and, little by little, accumulate blood inside the vein.

Additionally, excess body fat can also build up on the walls of the veins and hinder blood flow. On the other hand, obesity and being overweight are closely related to a sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle resulting from a lack of exercise also causes weakness in the veins. For this reason, those who spend long hours in the same position, whether sitting or standing, increase the possibility of the appearance of varicose veins.


5 Benefits of losing weight in chronic venous insufficiency 

In addition to improving your mobility, weight loss can significantly impact venous disease. Remember that the earlier you start to act and prevent it, the fewer future complications you will have, and you will not have to go through all the chronic venous insufficiency stages. Discover the following 5 benefits of losing weight in venous insufficiency:

  1. Dramatically reduced symptoms 
  2. Preventing the appearance of more varicose veins
  3. Improved circulation
  4. The walls of the veins are strengthened
  5. Facilitates the diagnosis of non-visible varicose veins

Additionally, when patients regularly exercise as part of their weight loss process and their everyday habits, it provides added benefits to reduce chronic venous insufficiency symptoms and their overall vascular health.

1. Dramatically reduced symptoms

Unfortunately, the bothersome chronic venous insufficiency symptoms can affect daytime activities and prevent restful sleep. Both burning, cramping, and swelling can be constant. But it has been seen that those who have set out to lose weight manage to see a progressive improvement in these symptoms since the pressure on the legs is eliminated.

2. Preventing the appearance of more varicose vein

Physical activity and a balanced diet are essential parts of losing weight, but they also improve blood flow. Following a diet low in sodium and fat favors a greater natural pumping of blood in the muscles and is essential to avoid gaining weight, thus preventing the appearance of new varicose veins.

3. Improved circulation

For veins, being overweight is like climbing an uphill mountain with a very heavy backpack. The journey becomes not only slower but even more difficult. On the other hand, by losing weight coupled with regular exercise as mentioned earlier, we eliminate that extra weight, we release pressure, the veins of the legs and feet feel much lighter, and it will help better circulation.

4. The walls of the veins are strengthened

Losing weight is closely related to exercise. Therefore, starting to have a more active life favors muscle contraction. In other words, physical activity makes the veins work harder and thus strengthens them. In addition, when exercising, the heart pumps blood with more force, which induces better blood flow and allows for healthy blood vessels.

5. Facilitates the diagnosis of non-visible varicose veins

Do you have chronic venous insufficiency symptoms but no visible varicose veins? Many have the misconception that losing weight can cause varicose veins. However, the reality is that while being obese or overweight, excess fat can hide the evidence of varicose veins. Therefore, by losing weight and fat, these are exposed so that you can treat them in time.


Is weight loss a chronic venous insufficiency treatment? 

Depending on the venous insufficiency stages, a specialist can determine what type of chronic venous insufficiency treatment is required. Early on, you may experience mild symptoms related to leg fatigue, periodic swelling, red or blue pools in the legs, or a burning sensation. As we have mentioned, they are not always immediately noticeable on the skin’s surface; some can be deeper and less visible.

However, as the disease progresses, some obvious signs, such as small dark-colored formations or spider veins, begin to appear on a physical level. At the same time, the discomfort begins to be more prolonged and constant. Furthermore, in severe cases, it can cause bulging veins, can cause open sores, and change to a greenish color.

Losing weight indeed has incredible benefits for the health of your veins. However, it is not considered a medical treatment as such since it will not always make existing varicose veins disappear automatically. Only in cases where the appearance is temporary, such as after pregnancy, can weight loss help many symptoms disappear and prevent a chronic problem from forming.

Therefore, weight loss is a fundamental part of the preventive care necessary to prevent chronic venous insufficiency from advancing. Depending on the stage of venous disease, physical exams, and duplex ultrasound, a specialist physician can determine if other minimally invasive or effective chronic venous insufficiency treatment and therapy can supplement weight loss.


Release your legs from the weight of chronic venous insufficiency!

Having a venous disease and being overweight can have multiple consequences that affect your quality of life and prevent you from enjoying the good things in life. However, the good news is that there are now high-tech treatments and effective methods for both conditions, including minimally invasive procedures. Many people have already gotten rid of the weight that causes venous insufficiency!

If you want to know more about your current chronic venous insufficiency treatments or how to prevent it, come to our renowned vascular surgeon and vein specialists at Veinco, a world-class vein clinic. You can call us at (888) 568-3409 or email us at hello@veinco.com.mx, and we will gladly answer your questions and review your medical history. Find the best treatment and improve your quality of life by being free of chronic venous insufficiency CVI forever!



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